Lynsee Lauritsen is a photographer and book cover designer currently based out of Los Angeles. She captures the essence of the moment by combining intense contrast with a vivid color palette, while utilizing captivating locations — creating a synthetic reality.

Lynsee's intent is to reveal an instant in time, focusing on capturing a fleeting expression. She illustrates a fragment of a story that allows the viewers to subjectively draw their own conclusions — whether it is from the vulnerability in one's eyes, or the unconventionality of a situation.

Lynsee received a BFA in Photography from The Art Institutes International Minnesota in 2007. She primarily works in digital photography, but is also experienced with standard film formats. She is proficient in the skills of retouching and digital manipulation, and performs extensive post-production to enhance her images. Lynsee's ingenuity, technical abilities and affinity for people will ensure a fresh and compelling product.